Volunteer experience

1.  Volunteered for Shanxi Environmental Protection Association

2011 – 2014

Successfully organized 50 students to participate in the tree planting activities in 2011

Successfully organized 200 students to participate in the tree planting activities in 2012

Successfully organized 500 students to participate in the tree planting activities in 2013


2.  President of Computing Science club

2011 – 2014
Successfully hold computing science competition in 2013.


3.  President of IT department of Students’ Union

2011 – 2014


4.  Edmonton International Street Performers Festival Volunteer



5.  Event assistant

2015 – present

International student service, University of Alberta

Responsibilities included helping the event’s coordinators with schedule arrangements, designating activities, organizing sites, and helping the new international recruits learn to develop the needed skills to navigate university events and student life

Continue to develop my oral communication and event planning skill

Developed the ability to work independently without supervision


6.  ISCA

2016 – 2017

International Student Advisory Committee, University of Alberta

Representatives of the international student body to attend events, conferences, and provide the representative to various committees


7. MSG Peer Mentoring

2016.9 – 2018.1

The Interdepartmental Science Students’ Society, University of Alberta

Led mentoring sessions (CMPUT 175) for undergraduate students in the Faculty of Science.


8. Open House Ambassador


Department of Computing Science Representative at Open house day