Selected Projects:

0️⃣ .Net/C#/Docker project: OCTAVA. See demo here.
1️⃣ Google Chat Chatbot: Google support bot. See demo here.
2️⃣ JavaScript/AppScript project: Mailman. See demo here.
3️⃣ Django/Docker project: Webhook Emailer. A webhook web server could send the customized rich text email. See github repo here.
4️⃣ Django/Docker project: Smart Deployer. The Smart Deployer is an automation tool that will deploy Cassandra via Docker Containers in a smarter way than just the default installation process. Worked with Doctor Hamzeh Khazaei from the University of Alberta, Faculty of Engineering. See demo here.
5️⃣ Android project: Steps. Develop a “geo-app” that will collect data from pedestrians regarding their location, routes, speed, stopping periods at intersections and their perception of the built space they’re walking through.


Contributions to Open source:

0️⃣ Rasa – 🤖 Open source chatbot framework with machine learning. See contributions here (1.2k ⭐️Stars)
1️⃣ Google search python package. See contributions here (445 ⭐️Stars)